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Gastric Sleever Feb 2014

Mrs Noodles

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Oh for sure!! We clearly both need it. I'm in Hereford, having my op (sleeve) in Shrewsbury. How about you? X

Hi Slimpip

I've been reading your posts and also live in Hereford. Did you come under Hereford PCT?


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Oh great!!! Hmmm I have no idea noodles, it all happened so quick. My funding was never even mentioned to me. I just got asked to go to the hospital amd he booked me in! It's fab to have someone so close. I'm on my phone so can't look round the site so easily....remind me of where you ate in your journey xxx


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Hey Pip!

I'm a newbie too and found this 'new' NHS process very quick, almost ad-hoc and unorganised.

GP referral – 6th Nov 2013
Group info session – 23rd December 2013
Pre assessment and surgeon – 4th Feb 2014

Previously, I applied for a band (few years ago) and was declined after hearing nothing for 3 months, this was just sent to my GP, not even directly to me.

I think the NHS have changed the process for some centres (I’m with Imperial PCT, St. Mary’s hospital)

I’ve re-joined Weight Watchers again, to help me keep track – I’ve not gained any weight in a year, but not lost much either so need to ensure I don’t gain and can adapt to pre-op diets when needed.

Good luck with your op and weight loss!! xx

Helen x


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Hey Helen blimey yours was even quicker than mine although a bit reversed lol...I met the surgeon before the group session :) what op are you having hun? Are you excited? X


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Originally wanted a Band, but think a Sleeve will be better for me. Although scared at any thought of surgery. xx J